Privacy in ANSSAIF

ANSSAIF has the uppermost care for personal data privacy.

We do NOT use cookies.

ANSSAIF Newsletter:

  • User Emails are only used to deliver ANSSAIF  Newsletter and are NOT given to third parties or used for commercial purposes.
  • User Emails can be canceled by the user at any time: by accessing web site, or clicking on the message at the bottom of any newsletter.

ANSSAIF members:

  • Members’ emails are kept on Aruba servers, and canceled when his/her dismissals are received and accepted. All conversations are then deleted.
  • Personal data containing any confidential information (eg.: mobile phone, personal / office address, date and place of birth) are kept on paper in a folder by the Secretary / Treasurer.
  • A member can ask:
    • to examine the impact analysis report,
    • which are his / her information kept by the association.

For any additional information, please send an email to [email protected]


Non usiamo cookies.

Newsletters ANSSAIF:

  • Le email sono esclusivamente usate per inviare la newsletter ANSSAIF.
  • Ogni utente può cancellarsi accedendo al sito oppure cliccando nella apposita sezione in calce ad ogni newsletter.


  • sono invitati ad esaminare quanto attuato, ad iniziare dall’analisi di impatto.
  • Ogni socio è invitato a suggerire eventuali ulteriori miglioramenti alla protezione dei dati personali.


Per ulteriori informazioni si prega di scrivere una email alla casella [email protected]


Titolare è il Presidente in carica.



Privacy in ANSSAIF

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